domingo, 4 de dezembro de 2011

The Twlight Saga :D

Hello Girls!!
Summer!! finaly haaamm!No more School :D YEAHHHHHHH!!
 So I have time to post more News on my blog :D

 And let's start with the most famous Movie ever :) Of  Twlight Saga |ô/
Who never saw, or read the books of Stephenie Meyer .. don't you know what is an AMAZING History :D ..
 But anyway ... Last week I saw the new movie Of Twlight Saga : Breaking Dawn and I read the book and It's ABSOLUT AMAZING .. IT'S PERFECT :D ...No Words (:

 So I'm gonna post some Pics of this Amazing movie Breaking Dawn Part 1 *--*
 Enjoy = ¬)

Olá Meninas!!

 FÉRIAS!!Finalmente!né ? sem escola!!!URUUUUUUUUULLL
Então.agora terei mais tempo de postar novidades :D

 Vamos começar com o Mais lido e perfeito Filme de todos os tempos Da saga Crepúsculo|ô/
Quem nunca viu ou leu os livros da Stephenie Meyer ..Não sabem oq é uma hisória INCRIVEL!!!!!!!
  Mais de qlqr jeito...Semana passada eu vi o filme da saga crepúsculo AMANHECER Parte 1 e tb li o livro ...é absolutamente incrivel !!!!! é perfeitoooo!!! sem palavras (:

 Então vou postar algumas fotos desse incrivel filme Amanhecer Parte 1 *--*

 Aproveitem = ¬)

                                              My Book :D
                                                     Bella's Dress *--------------*

                                                          Bella      Pregnant

domingo, 2 de outubro de 2011

Material Girl New Post (;

Hey girls!!
 I'll do my best i promise =)
Well..i've see Lola ,or better , Madonna's Daughter,on her blogger all of your clothes and everthing...
And i have to say ....I LOVE HER""!! she's Fashion,she's gotta a style on your BLOOD!!OMG! SHE'S AMAZING!!!! *--*
 ..OKAY ENOUGH!!Let's see what i prepare (=

..And some news Girls!! Maybe in this year I'll go to the U.S.A!!!!!
...and I'll buy so much clothes, and shoes and everything else!!! and Of course I'll post some  pixs ,and videos, mee in NEW YORK CITY...or in TN-TENNESSEE IN KNOXVILLE (;
 xoxo @nd (=

Material Girl's Bag!

                                             Material Girl *
                                                       Material Girl Dress

sábado, 24 de setembro de 2011

Hey Girls!!
 I Realy Love that Videos (:
 Enjoy (:

Jennifer Lopes (JLo)-Papi

The Ting Tings-Thst's Not my name

    And Finaly

  My Fav's .!!!!
        Wanessa -Sticky Dough

What to wear on spring ***

Hello Girls!!
 One more post about Fashion ;)
 Now about the Spring...And I know..i'm a Little Late...(SO MUCH LATEEE) ..
 bUT ...whatever ...I'll Post!! \ô/
 I hope you all like :)

xoxo Andressa *-*

 Enjoy! :¬)

domingo, 7 de agosto de 2011

domingo, 24 de abril de 2011

Finaly Kate Perry !!! (:

  She's freak...yeah she's crazy..but she's also cute and sweett...
  Okay Kate you're bipolar (=
   ...Ok Guys .. Kate Perry !!!!!!

                And we can't forget your new single E.T with the Rapper Kanye west check it outta (;