domingo, 24 de junho de 2012

Nails \ Unhas !!! *OO*

Hey you all Girls!
 This Post I was waiting for a time ,because I wanted to Learn (to make) my only Nail(made by myself)!!;DD
 So I've learn and I will post for you all *OO*
This One I Did tonight :D I hope u all like =/

        And.... I will post more Nails,from others girls :DDDD

                                           Just like Mine!this one :DD

                                  I LOVEEEEEEEEED THIS ONE!!

                                            SO MUCH EASY TO DO!!!

          I TRIED TO DO THIS ONE (UK) =/ IT'S HARD!!!
                              I hope you all like ;D enjoy \ooo and hav funn! :D               xooxoo Andy :D

terça-feira, 19 de junho de 2012

Good Movies!

Hey Girls some news !
 some movies for you all enjoy on your weekend :D
 with  Kristen Stewart,a great movie "Snow white and the huntsman"!

 And Finaly ! Madagascar 3 !!!!

Ice Age 3 !!!!!!!!1
 Katy Perry - Part of Me in 3D !!!!!!

   Marvel's Avengers Assemble
 Men in Black 3 !!!!!!!!1
    Friends With Kids !
So ..what gonna be on weekend?

All Girls Need !

Hey Girls!
 I know that I'm faint =/ but I'm trying to keep my blog updated....but how you all know...i'm working HARD! and studying a LOT! ;D And I'm back!!!!!!!!!!!!! with so much news \o/  What we need???We need food in this vacation( here in brazil in july we are in vocation ;)We need watch some movie?We need some funny?We need new clothes?We need more friends?  Well I don't know you all girl but I need xD  Here some pictures of what we need \o// Enjoy!

   Yeah! We Need Foood! \ooooooooo

 hahahah Luv you all Girls *O*  xooxoo Andy *