domingo, 2 de outubro de 2011

Material Girl New Post (;

Hey girls!!
 I'll do my best i promise =)
Well..i've see Lola ,or better , Madonna's Daughter,on her blogger all of your clothes and everthing...
And i have to say ....I LOVE HER""!! she's Fashion,she's gotta a style on your BLOOD!!OMG! SHE'S AMAZING!!!! *--*
 ..OKAY ENOUGH!!Let's see what i prepare (=

..And some news Girls!! Maybe in this year I'll go to the U.S.A!!!!!
...and I'll buy so much clothes, and shoes and everything else!!! and Of course I'll post some  pixs ,and videos, mee in NEW YORK CITY...or in TN-TENNESSEE IN KNOXVILLE (;
 xoxo @nd (=

Material Girl's Bag!

                                             Material Girl *
                                                       Material Girl Dress